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3 Ways to Earn from Passive Income Streams

You may come across people who appear to be financially well-off, but don’t seem to work as hard as the average person. It may even be evident that they don’t work at all, at least not in the way you do. So what’s their secret? ; It’s likely that these laid-back people have found one or several

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Creating a Marketing Plan

How to Make a Marketing Plan

Every business needs a plan in order to succeed. While building a strong brand can help bring in the sales, it may not be enough. So it’s surprising that many budding business owners, or those planning to start one, do not bother to exert the effort and put in the time needed to draft a

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Why is SEO client retention important?

April 15, 2021

Most SEO companies in Australia, especially those that are just starting out, make the mistake of focusing solely on search engine rankings as the main metric when reporting progress to their clients. As the industry sharpens and grows more competitive, it is important to provide more than just figures — you need to give your clients actual value.

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‘Neither Snow nor Rain’, or Why the USPS Delivers on a Saturday

Although it is one of the most hardworking departments of the government, the United States Postal Service, or USPS, the country’s mail service doesn’t get a lot of the praise it deserves, mostly because it does its job quietly, but efficiently. Many people ask, what are business days for shipping with USPS, and the answer

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wood carving

Why Everyone Should Learn Wood Carving

These days, wood carving is one of the oldest art forms and is embedded in the art history of many cultures and religions. In fact, most people who take up wood carving do it as a hobby or as a living. However, wood carving offers more than just a means of livelihood or a way

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