December 28, 2018

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Here to Stay: How to Keep Star Employees From Leaving

Every smart entrepreneur knows well that the greatest asset of any business is its employees. It’s one of those assets that continue to increase in value over time. In fact, you probably currently have star employees yourself, those who go over and beyond their duty to get to push up sales further or to build

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When Opportunity Knocks: 3 Signs of a Business Potential Worth Pursuing

What sets good entrepreneurs apart from the successful ones is their willingness to try different business opportunities. They’re able to diversify investments, reduce financial risks, and increase entrepreneurial knowledge and experience with this bold, risk-embracing attitude. But then, pursuing a business potential won’t do anything good if you yourself don’t know how to spot one.

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Virtual Employees: Reduced Costs and Improved Productivity

Virtual teams involve a remotely-based workforce and work across various time zones and locations. Companies often turn to virtual employees to reduce operating costs and gain a competitive edge. They can, for instance, choose to hire virtual employees for IT solutions instead of building an-house team. This strategy, however, will not provide automatic and immediate

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Worker inspecting the warehouse

How to Improve Storage and Save Space in Your Warehouse

Warehouse management is all about managing space to accommodate goods and products. It is also about deployment, which is why the placement of products within the space is strategic. However, a lot of warehouse managers forget or neglect the basics of managing the facility, which should not be the case. Warehouse management may have some challenges

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Business Tips for Wellness Entrepreneurs

With everyone getting more and more conscious about their health, now’s the best time to start a wellness business. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking to enter a new arena, these tips will help you: Start with a mission and stay with it Having a defined mission keeps you from

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