January 2019

Marketing 101: What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Whether you are planning to launch a clothing line, a restaurant, or a tech startup, you have to know what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. That is what would make your business better or different from your competitors. Otherwise, consumers might not give your business a chance. A USP is basically a quality that

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Woman in glasses working

Three Bad Excuses for Not Starting a Business

There are legitimate reasons for not starting a business yet, and there are those that are only bad excuses. The difference between the two is that the latter comes from the fear of uncertainty. Here are some of the popular excuses people make to avoid running their own businesses, which, at its core, are driven

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Girl in from of a food truck

Starting a Food Business to Answer the Need for Quick Grub

In a time of everything instant, do people still have the time to sit down for a meal? Look around your office and count how many employees are taking their lunch in their desk while doing work. Did you just finish your sandwich quickly so that you can finish replying to emails before the real

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