May 2019

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Restaurant Promotion Talks: Getting a Food Blogger

Owning a restaurant may be centered on offering good grub to your customers. You may be on a quest to make people happy by filling their tummy. But if you want to increase the number of regulars to your restaurant, you need to invest in marketing. This may be the last of your concerns, but

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Man carrying movie equipment

Is Hiring Equipment Worth It?

You are shooting a movie or documentary. That sporting event should be on tape. Having a well-scripted commercial is also not simple. You have an inaugural or speech to make. That parade or corporate event also need recording. Well, there is much to do. Are you worrying about whether you should buy your equipment and hire

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Piles of metal material

Basics of Good Material Handling

For any production facility, materials handling is one of the core processes that can always use some improvement, regardless of the product or the industry that the facility caters to. There’s always a way to make things better and to get things into working order — all that you need is the know-how to do

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Essential Qualities for Workers and Entrepreneurs in Health Care

For our communities to stay healthy, it’s important to have people working to help with activities such as treating diseases, creating cures, encouraging fitness, and even caring for the dying. While being a health worker and being the one running a health-related business may be different, there are certain traits that will benefit you in

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welder wearing safety equipment

Appropriate Protection for the Eyes, Lungs and Hands During Welding

Welding safety equipment is essential in the work setting. Working with noxious gases and molten metal puts workers at high risk for injury and exposure to hazardous substances. Immediate physical injury is imminent without the use of current safety products. Protecting the eyes from flash burns and ultraviolet exposure The welding torch is on top

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social media in business

Understanding the Role of Social Media in Business Growth

Nowadays, it is essential for a company to have a social media page in order to effectively market their business in the online community. The absence of such platforms means significant losses and easy defeat from your competitors. It might seem exaggerated, but social media has played a significant role over the years that having

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girl holding a handful of cigarettes

Vaping: An Alternative to Smoking and Poverty

We live in a health conscious society with most people seeking a healthier lifestyle. With this, smoking cigarettes has become a thing of the past and as we look for better and healthier alternatives, vaping has become a widespread, affordable, and most importantly, a healthier solution to quit smoking. Studies have proven that compared to

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man holding an envelop full of cash

What are My Options When It Comes to Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a court-ordered payment taken from a person’s disposable income, which would be used to pay off a massive debt. A certain amount of money from people’s wages or salaries are withheld by their employers and is used to pay off the people or institutions where they owe debt. Court-ordered garnishments are frequently

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Asian barista talking order by phone in her shop

4 Pointers Every Female Franchisee Should Remember

Women are often frowned upon in the business industry. Sure, times have changed and women today are more empowered and strong-willed, but some people still try to bring them down for a few odd reasons. This is the reason you, as a female franchisee, should make sure that you are doing everything in your power

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