June 2019

Shot of a group of colleagues using their smartphones in a huddle

Breaking News: You Can Now Fix Your Own Phone, Thanks to Right to Repair

Smartphones are practically a necessity in the digital age. You may find it difficult to go through your day-to-day activities without the help of your phone. You may not even last an hour without taking a peek at your smartphone. So when it breaks, it’s understandable that you’ll feel flustered. Especially because some devices require

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Baseball team in a huddle

The Means of Motivation: Encouraging Your Sports Team

Training and physical conditioning of your sports team are integral for any sports team’s performance as they hone reflexes, promote quick thinking, and improve athletic capabilities. However, it’s just as crucial for a coach to sharpen not only the body but also the mind and “heart” of its team. Morale and motivation can spell the

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happy workers

Health and Success Go Hand in Hand

Health and success are two things most people aspire for. You want a healthy body so that you will enjoy life and gain a little more confidence. You want success to make you feel like all your hard work is not in vain. Sometimes, however, it feels like you cannot succeed without resorting to an

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pizza franchise

How Food Empires Are Made

It seems impossible to trace back the roots of established restaurant franchises. You look at the nearest fast food chain and know they have hundreds of other branches in different locations. Somewhere out there, someone also has the same opportunity you have to taste bestselling burgers or chicken nuggets. But everything starts from somewhere. It’s

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HVAC Installation

Proper Installation of an HVAC System: Everyone Needs It

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems consume a large chunk of energy and maintenance costs in any building, may it be commercial or residential. That is why property owners must be keen when it comes to installing a new system. In circumstances where the system seems unreliable, many homeowners may opt to keep it

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Man holding hops

The Noble Hops of Europe and Their American Counterparts

The 4 noble hops consist of the German hops Hallertau, Tetnang, and Spalt, together with the Czech hop Saaz. Noble hops are known for their low bitterness and strong aroma and tend to be on the more “hoppy” side. They are great for making more mature brews and go really well with American hops. Hallertau

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Jumping people in the gym

Capitalizing on the Growing Popularity of Always-Open Fitness Centers

A prominent segment of the population today follows irregular work and leisure schedules that make 24-hour fitness centers a popular way of keeping fit. Night owls and workaholics alike appreciate the opportunity to stay fit at a time of their choosing. One of the most prominent excuses to staying fit is the inability for many

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content marketing

Inbound Marketing Mishaps: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Promoting your products and services is one way to get your brand message across your target audience. Your customers know that you are selling something, but at this point, you should start building a harmonious relationship with them. That is one way that you can get them to trust your brand and eventually pledge their

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ride on sweeper

The Efficiency and Ergonomics of Ride-on Commercial Cleaners

When we think of thousands of square feet of floor area to be ready for the smooth arrival of freight to our warehouse, we depend on the services of an industrial sweeping machine. Even at offices and commercial buildings, where cleanliness is primal, industrial grade sweepers are handy. Walkways and streets, more exposed to the

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cash flow schema

Operating an Import Business in the UK: The Dos

Running an import business involves numerous operations that require to be run simultaneously. It also requires a lot of planning and adherence to timelines. A trader is required to factor in time when placing orders to ensure that they arrive in the country in time to be delivered to clients at the right time. Establish

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