June 2019

Handshake of a real estate agent and a client

3 Helpful Tips in Getting Your Mortgage Loan Approved

Admittedly, investing in a house will sometimes require you to get a mortgage loan. In definition, this is the process of allowing an individual to borrow money using the purchased property as collateral. Although it sounds very simple, the truth is that it’s a lot different from getting a car loan or a personal loan.

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waste management facility with worker

Roseate Future Awaits Waste Industry Professionals

The waste industry is relatively new compared to the many traditional industries that contribute to every nation’s economy. Yet the past few decades of growth is not only a testament to finding more sustainable ways of managing waste but initially a response to an increasingly worrying trend in waste production and disposal. However challenging the

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White barn with colorful foliage

Better Yield, Lower Waste: Tips for Efficient Farm Water Usage

Farms are known to be the largest user of the world’s water, and account for about 70% of water consumed but, unfortunately, most of these water is wasted. As such, there’s a need for farms to optimize operations better to promote efficient water usage and minimize agricultural waste water. So, we’ll be taking a look

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home buyers checking a house

Homeownership: Costs that Young Buyers Tend to Overlook

A 2018 study by the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center shows that the majority of millennial homeowners have mortgage regrets. Topping the causes of remorse is getting caught off guard by hidden costs. To be fair to law-abiding lenders of home loans in Utah County and the rest of the country, they legally provide

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businesspeople discussing sales

Why Companies Should Think Twice When Aiming for Synergy

Synergy, by far, is one of the more sophisticated concepts when it comes to business. That’s why almost every successful company strives to achieve it. But achieving synergy is not all rainbows and butterflies. It demands hard work, perseverance, and a lot of energy to succeed. One wrong move and everything that you worked for

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office space

Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Office Space

Your office is a reflection of your business. No matter how good the quality of your products and services are, if your office space looks drab, unkept, and disorganised, no client will want to do business with you. Renovating your office space, especially because your business has grown or it has redirected its focus, will

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receiving money

Smart Way to Outsmart Crippling Debt

Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 years owe an average of $42,000, making them one of the most debt-burdened groups in the country. Credit card balances make up a quarter of what these people owe, closely followed by student loans at 3%. Incredibly, mortgages make a paltry 3% of the debt burden. If you’re struggling

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heating and cooling system

Lowering Energy Expenditures Through Efficient Heating and Cooling

A well-managed and efficient heating and cooling system can help residents reduce their carbon footprint while saving plenty of money on utility bills. Eco-friendly homeowners can rely on home upgrades, and heat pumps to maintain insulation and manage interior temperature wisely. Heating and cooling represent the biggest source of energy expenditures in a home. Much

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Portrait of happy senior male owner standing arms crossed against shelves

Before You Decide To Be Self-Employed: The Basics

If you’re tired of working for a company or organization then being self-employed may be the best alternative for you. Self-employment doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re your own boss, as there are different types of self-employment and some of them requires you to still work for a client and adhere to their requests and requirements.

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