July 2019

Spiral helix fossil

The Bones of the Earth: Utah’s Fossil Treasure Trove

Scientists brought Utah reporters to an undisclosed location in the vicinity of Lake Powell to share exciting paleontological news: they’ve unearthed several bone and teeth fragments that belong to a species of mammoth. The researchers asked the reporters to keep the location of the site secret for the time being because of the fragility of

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Hand pressing BRAND button on blurred cityscape background

Techniques That Will Help You Build a Prominent Brand

A strong brand allows you to reach a wider audience and strengthens your hold in your chosen niche. Branding takes time, and a lot of business savvy; knowing the right techniques provide you with an advantage over your competitors. Experts from a public relations firm from Phoenix, AZ, cite the following techniques that enable you

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Branding Basics: All You Need To Know About Branding Strategies

Branding is more than just a fancy logo or a catchy tagline; it’s what people talk about when you have your back turned, it’s what people see you as, whether they’re client, customer, partner, or employee. It’s your company’s voice, look, language, aesthetic, approach to business. Basically, it’s everything that represents your company and your

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different colored trash bins lined up

Upgrade Your Trash Bins with These Organisational Hacks

Admit it: One of the worst tasks at home is having to organise the trash. Even if you manage to recycle some of the waste that you produce inside the house, having to take out the garbage bag or the garbage bin remains to be the most hotly contested debate in your household. Who’s going

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Keeping Safe at Sea: What Could Save Your Life on Board

As globalization and international trade continue to grow, so does the need for shipping services that carry goods from one port to another. Given that most of the Earth’s surface is water and that oceans and seas can separate countries and continents, sometimes shipping by sea is one way to deliver goods arrive at their

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Field marketing officer talking to a client

Do We Still Need Field Marketing Organizations?

Almost every insurance carrier has a field marketing organization (FMO) through which they sell their products.  For example, if an insurance agent is looking to sell final expense insurance packages of insurance company X, there’s almost no chance that the insurance agent will engage the insurance carrier directly. Instead, the insurance agent will buy the

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small business

Small Business Funding Options: Term Loan vs. Business Line of Credit

Building and operating a small business comes with specific challenges, and among the most significant challenges are choosing the best financing options and managing finances. If you require funding to grow your small business, you have various options available to you, the most common being a standard term loan and a business line of credit.

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backyard outdoor modern kitchen

Key Structures You Should Include in a Backyard Retreat Area

Backyards in the past were primarily forgotten spaces of a property. Nowadays, most people are aiming for outdoor living. As such, backyards have become one of the focal elements of entertainment on all properties. Planting beautiful flowers and landscaping are only part of the steps when transforming your backyard into a retreat area. You need

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How Much Is a Good Salary to Live Comfortably in the US?

The American Dream is a concept that believes everyone who is born in the United States or immigrates to our country has the opportunity to grow and find success. By working hard and being an upright citizen, you can have a happy and comfortable life for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, money makes the world

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employees in an open space workplace

Aging in Place: The Economic Outlook of an Older America

The US has an aging population. The 75 million baby boomer Americans are entering retirement age. A U.S. Census Bureau report says the elderly population is set to outnumber children for the first time in the country’s history. By 2035, there will be 78 million people ages 65 and above and only 76.4 million individuals

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