GOOG vs. GOOGL: Understanding and Buying Google Shares

Out of the various passive income-earning investments, buying stocks are a good way to earn if you’re thinking long-term. It is a gamble because you aren’t sure if the company will profit, but those who are successful know that big rewards require big risks. However, it’s less of a risk if you know how to

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Marketing 101: The Basic and Fundamental Principles of Marketing

For small-to-medium-enterprises, marketing is one of those things that come as an afterthought, with many businesses relying too much on word-of-mouth and other passive types of marketing to get the word out on their brand. While word-of-mouth is an effective way to let people know how great your brand is, it’s simply not enough. Marketing

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Be More Generous to Your Business

After some time, running a business starts to feel like it’s all about the profit margins. When everything is tied to costs and expenses, it can’t be helped that you want to tighten your purse strings. After all, when you spend less to keep the business going, it means you can get a higher profit

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How Charisma and Empathy Can Help Make Successful Sales Pitches

As a salesperson or someone working in retail or any department of your company involving making important pitches, how sure are you of your skills? When it gets down to the important bits of closing a sale or making a pitch, are you so confident of your skills that you can sell ice to an

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Business Strategies Small Business Owners Need to Know

In business, failing to plan means you are planning to fail. This also applies to small to medium enterprises despite their size and capital limiting their operations compared to bigger enterprises such as companies and corporations. Nearly anyone can start a business, even if you don’t have the proper training of a business graduate from

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Marketing and Branding Basics for Small Businesses

Small business owners have the sometimes-thankless job of wearing multiple hats during the day and being expected to do a stellar job in each one! Of course, this builds character, sure, but how do you expect to market and grow your business when you’re simultaneously the CEO, CFO, HR, Marketing head, copywriter, cashier, salesman, etc.?

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Branding Basics: All You Need To Know About Branding Strategies

Branding is more than just a fancy logo or a catchy tagline; it’s what people talk about when you have your back turned, it’s what people see you as, whether they’re client, customer, partner, or employee. It’s your company’s voice, look, language, aesthetic, approach to business. Basically, it’s everything that represents your company and your

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Business team discussing costs

Beware of These Commonly Overlooked Franchising Costs

Buying a franchise is an attractive move because of its potential to be a lucrative business. It costs relatively less than building your own business from the ground up, but it can give you almost all the perks of a startup. So now you’re looking up the cost of franchising a popular restaurant. You may

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Shot of a group of colleagues using their smartphones in a huddle

Breaking News: You Can Now Fix Your Own Phone, Thanks to Right to Repair

Smartphones are practically a necessity in the digital age. You may find it difficult to go through your day-to-day activities without the help of your phone. You may not even last an hour without taking a peek at your smartphone. So when it breaks, it’s understandable that you’ll feel flustered. Especially because some devices require

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Jumping people in the gym

Capitalizing on the Growing Popularity of Always-Open Fitness Centers

A prominent segment of the population today follows irregular work and leisure schedules that make 24-hour fitness centers a popular way of keeping fit. Night owls and workaholics alike appreciate the opportunity to stay fit at a time of their choosing. One of the most prominent excuses to staying fit is the inability for many

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