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3 Ways to Earn from Passive Income Streams

You may come across people who appear to be financially well-off, but don’t seem to work as hard as the average person. It may even be evident that they don’t work at all, at least not in the way you do. So what’s their secret? ; It’s likely that these laid-back people have found one or several

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Creating a Marketing Plan

How to Make a Marketing Plan

Every business needs a plan in order to succeed. While building a strong brand can help bring in the sales, it may not be enough. So it’s surprising that many budding business owners, or those planning to start one, do not bother to exert the effort and put in the time needed to draft a

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Reasons to Outsource Your Bookkeeping Services

When companies are situated on a critical point of their growth and faced with tough competition, they would want to concentrate on the performance. They would rather relieve themselves of tedious yet important matters such as bookkeeping or customer services. For this reason, many companies would prefer hiring bookkeeping services. It is an alternative to hiring

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Are Woke Advertising Methods Worth the Backlash?

Thanks to the digital age, businesses reaching out to their customers has never been easier. One of the earliest forms of advertising dates back to the Egyptian civilization, when papyrus was used to make sale messages and were limited to where these messages were placed and how many a business could make. Today, a small

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GOOG vs. GOOGL: Understanding and Buying Google Shares

Out of the various passive income-earning investments, buying stocks are a good way to earn if you’re thinking long-term. It is a gamble because you aren’t sure if the company will profit, but those who are successful know that big rewards require big risks. However, it’s less of a risk if you know how to

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Marketing 101: The Basic and Fundamental Principles of Marketing

For small-to-medium-enterprises, marketing is one of those things that come as an afterthought, with many businesses relying too much on word-of-mouth and other passive types of marketing to get the word out on their brand. While word-of-mouth is an effective way to let people know how great your brand is, it’s simply not enough. Marketing

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Be More Generous to Your Business

After some time, running a business starts to feel like it’s all about the profit margins. When everything is tied to costs and expenses, it can’t be helped that you want to tighten your purse strings. After all, when you spend less to keep the business going, it means you can get a higher profit

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Business Strategies Small Business Owners Need to Know

In business, failing to plan means you are planning to fail. This also applies to small to medium enterprises despite their size and capital limiting their operations compared to bigger enterprises such as companies and corporations. Nearly anyone can start a business, even if you don’t have the proper training of a business graduate from

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Marketing and Branding Basics for Small Businesses

Small business owners have the sometimes-thankless job of wearing multiple hats during the day and being expected to do a stellar job in each one! Of course, this builds character, sure, but how do you expect to market and grow your business when you’re simultaneously the CEO, CFO, HR, Marketing head, copywriter, cashier, salesman, etc.?

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