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Open-Plan Office: Will Your Organization Benefit?

An open-plan layout is typical in contemporary offices. Instead of having barriers, like walls and closed office doors, some companies opt for open spaces. They believe it promotes collaboration between team members and makes management more effective. Despite its advantages, only one in four people want an open work environment. Meanwhile, 28 percent of workers

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Techniques That Will Help You Build a Prominent Brand

A strong brand allows you to reach a wider audience and strengthens your hold in your chosen niche. Branding takes time, and a lot of business savvy; knowing the right techniques provide you with an advantage over your competitors. Experts from a public relations firm from Phoenix, AZ, cite the following techniques that enable you

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Keeping Safe at Sea: What Could Save Your Life on Board

As globalization and international trade continue to grow, so does the need for shipping services that carry goods from one port to another. Given that most of the Earth’s surface is water and that oceans and seas can separate countries and continents, sometimes shipping by sea is one way to deliver goods arrive at their

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Do We Still Need Field Marketing Organizations?

Almost every insurance carrier has a field marketing organization (FMO) through which they sell their products.  For example, if an insurance agent is looking to sell final expense insurance packages of insurance company X, there’s almost no chance that the insurance agent will engage the insurance carrier directly. Instead, the insurance agent will buy the

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Small Business Funding Options: Term Loan vs. Business Line of Credit

Building and operating a small business comes with specific challenges, and among the most significant challenges are choosing the best financing options and managing finances. If you require funding to grow your small business, you have various options available to you, the most common being a standard term loan and a business line of credit.

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How Food Empires Are Made

It seems impossible to trace back the roots of established restaurant franchises. You look at the nearest fast food chain and know they have hundreds of other branches in different locations. Somewhere out there, someone also has the same opportunity you have to taste bestselling burgers or chicken nuggets. But everything starts from somewhere. It’s

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Operating an Import Business in the UK: The Dos

Running an import business involves numerous operations that require to be run simultaneously. It also requires a lot of planning and adherence to timelines. A trader is required to factor in time when placing orders to ensure that they arrive in the country in time to be delivered to clients at the right time. Establish

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Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Office Space

Your office is a reflection of your business. No matter how good the quality of your products and services are, if your office space looks drab, unkept, and disorganised, no client will want to do business with you. Renovating your office space, especially because your business has grown or it has redirected its focus, will

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Smart Way to Outsmart Crippling Debt

Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 years owe an average of $42,000, making them one of the most debt-burdened groups in the country. Credit card balances make up a quarter of what these people owe, closely followed by student loans at 3%. Incredibly, mortgages make a paltry 3% of the debt burden. If you’re struggling

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Before You Decide To Be Self-Employed: The Basics

If you’re tired of working for a company or organization then being self-employed may be the best alternative for you. Self-employment doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re your own boss, as there are different types of self-employment and some of them requires you to still work for a client and adhere to their requests and requirements.

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