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Is Franchising the Best Business Investment Choice?

Franchising dates back to the middle ages, where the idea was to monopolize commercial ventures. In the modern day, franchising is a concept of having rights or license to sell or perform services under a specific name for a particular location. You may be today’s old to realize that franchising didn’t start with food or commercial

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Explaining Japanese Rock Gardens and Their Unique Purpose

When we think about gardens, we may imagine ourselves strolling down paths lined with lush flowers and greenery. Most of us would think that what makes a garden are the plants growing in them. But did you know there are gardens where plants are not central, and people aren’t meant to walk through them? These

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Lawn sprinkler system

Two Ways the Summer Heat Can Ruin Your Lawn

Don’t you just love gazing out your window at your lush spring lawn? The blades of grass are green, the flowers are in full bloom, and the birds and happily chirping outside. Everybody loves a vibrant lawn; but, for commercial properties, especially, keeping a verdant lawn is essential to attracting customers and visitors. When summer

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Call from the Future: Digitizing Your Business’s Phone System

Success is often a matter of advantage. An edge in production, advertisement, or quality of service can all lead to one company becoming the head of the pack. So it’s only natural that you should give your business every advantage over your competitors. Not all advantages have to be decisive and overwhelming. Sometimes you build

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Marketing 101: What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Whether you are planning to launch a clothing line, a restaurant, or a tech startup, you have to know what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. That is what would make your business better or different from your competitors. Otherwise, consumers might not give your business a chance. A USP is basically a quality that

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Panel interview with the Business owners

Effective Business Procedures for New Company Owners

Starting off in business with little to no prior knowledge of the industry or even running a company successfully is, in itself, quite the challenge. Tough as it may seem, you’ll need to overcome this hurdle one way or another in order for you and your enterprise to flourish. To accomplish this goal, here are

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