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A Brief Look at Amazon

What started out as a simple online bookstore is now one of the world’s largest and richest organizations ever. Rivaling only Apple in terms of revenue, Amazon has expanded its operations from e-commerce and tech to media streaming and production. Just how big of an operation are they? Well, as of 2019, Amazon is one

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Fake Stars: How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

With more than 1.8 million vendors selling roughly more than 600 million items at any given time (with more coming in every year), it’s fair to say that Amazon is one of, if not the, biggest e-commerce market in the entire internet. With that many items on hand, Amazon itself can’t manually inspect every single

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What Font Does Amazon Use?

Amazon launched in 1995 in Washington, United States. What started out as Jeff Bezos’ online store for books expanded over the years into an e-commerce company that is now the biggest online company in the world. Today, if you’re looking for something, there’s a high chance that Amazon’s selling it. As Amazon evolved over the

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Amazon Web Services (AWS): A Primer

Far from its origins as an online book store, Amazon is now one of the largest tech corporations to lead the industry. It isn’t just an e-commerce site and logistics company that handles Amazon shipping straight to your designated location. In fact, one of their most popular services (aside from its online retail arm) is

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How to Successfully Pass Amazon’s On-Site Interview

Amazon, the biggest online company in the world, has over 647,500 employees worldwide. However, that’s not to say they let just anyone into their company. Amazon’s infamous job application process can take up to months, thus ensuring that those who stay are either the best of the best or people who are intent on working

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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Shipping

Amazon claims to sell everything “from A to Z”. And as the largest online company in the world, you can bet that they live up to these claims. However, first-time online shoppers can find shopping in a place like Amazon very daunting. From shipping cost and times to expecting when your Amazon packages arrive, here

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Million Dollar Nothing: The World’s Most Inflated Currencies

In the constantly fluctuating world of currencies, we tend to look at certain currencies that manage to stay stable despite tanking economies or civil unrest: the British Pound Sterling, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Frank, and of course, the U.S. dollar. However, some countries aren’t so lucky; in this article, we look at

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Work Environment

Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

You received an e-mail with an attachment. It says that you need to provide comments on the document and return it to the sender. You’re up to your neck with other work, but this is something that requires your attention, too. You spent two or three hours working on it. You send it back to

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