“When Do Amazon Packages Arrive?” And Other Amazon Prime Shopping Tips

To say that Amazon re-defined online shopping for the 21st century is a mild understatement: Amazon is the definition of online shopping. Since its launch in 1995, Amazon has become an industry giant that has pioneered the very concept of e-commerce, not to mention invested in various types of technology to make their job (and

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coins and paper bills

Million Dollar Nothing: The World’s Most Inflated Currencies

In the constantly fluctuating world of currencies, we tend to look at certain currencies that manage to stay stable despite tanking economies or civil unrest: the British Pound Sterling, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Frank, and of course, the U.S. dollar. However, some countries aren’t so lucky; in this article, we look at

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Work Environment

Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

You received an e-mail with an attachment. It says that you need to provide comments on the document and return it to the sender. You’re up to your neck with other work, but this is something that requires your attention, too. You spent two or three hours working on it. You send it back to

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Safety Risks in Your Warehouse

Minimising Safety Risks in Your Warehouse

Warehouses can be one of the most dangerous places to work in. Injuries and even fatalities can happen when a warehouse is not managed well. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 16 fatalities happen every year in the US warehousing and storage sector, and 5 out of every 100 warehouses will have an

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Insurance agent offereing automobile insurance to a couple

Does an Insurance Policy Agent-Client Relationship Matter?

However less often, if you have a personal vehicle and you use it to run any business errands, the best policy to buy is commercial insurance. The converse will also apply, in this case. But, how often have you considered that fostering a healthy relationship with your automobile insurance agent would help you get the most

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Getting a Car

Considerations Before Getting a Car

Buying your first vehicle is an exciting decision, one that is guided by passion. People buy their first car because they have suddenly found one that they really like. But the specifics of the vehicle you choose can greatly impact your use and enjoyment of it in the years to come. If you buy the

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Diet food

Fad Diets Will Not Change Anyone’s Behavior Toward Food

Every couple of months, there’s a new fad diet gaining traction. If it’s timed conveniently, it can be so popular that everyone you know might be into it to get their summer body ready. What these fad diets advocate is the quick, often unhealthy way of losing weight—water weight, to be exact. Some of them

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man welding

What You Need to Know About Welding Technology

Working with metal is not an easy undertaking. If you need the best welding equipment for your project, welder rental is an ideal option. Through welding, you can create some of the world’s most robust materials you can envision. To master the trade, you need a lot of practice. To complete your work considerably, it’s better to

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seniors swimming

Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement Planning

A recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research showed that more than 60 percent of workers, both skilled and unskilled, are confident of stress-free living after retirement. The reason for their confidence is that these workers are sure that the amount of money they are setting aside for retirement is enough to support them when

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