Spiral helix fossil

The Bones of the Earth: Utah’s Fossil Treasure Trove

Scientists brought Utah reporters to an undisclosed location in the vicinity of Lake Powell to share exciting paleontological news: they’ve unearthed several bone and teeth fragments that belong to a species of mammoth. The researchers asked the reporters to keep the location of the site secret for the time being because of the fragility of

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different colored trash bins lined up

Upgrade Your Trash Bins with These Organisational Hacks

Admit it: One of the worst tasks at home is having to organise the trash. Even if you manage to recycle some of the waste that you produce inside the house, having to take out the garbage bag or the garbage bin remains to be the most hotly contested debate in your household. Who’s going

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employees in an open space workplace

Aging in Place: The Economic Outlook of an Older America

The US has an aging population. The 75 million baby boomer Americans are entering retirement age. A U.S. Census Bureau report says the elderly population is set to outnumber children for the first time in the country’s history. By 2035, there will be 78 million people ages 65 and above and only 76.4 million individuals

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The Designs of Leonardo Da Vinci in the 21st Century

Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for painting the Mona Lisa, but he was also an inventor and mechanical engineer. He designed machines and contraptions which would have been very difficult to actually build during the Renaissance. In the 21st century, however, some of these designs may find modern equivalents, such as the following. Scuba gear

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happy workers

Health and Success Go Hand in Hand

Health and success are two things most people aspire for. You want a healthy body so that you will enjoy life and gain a little more confidence. You want success to make you feel like all your hard work is not in vain. Sometimes, however, it feels like you cannot succeed without resorting to an

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content marketing

Inbound Marketing Mishaps: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Promoting your products and services is one way to get your brand message across your target audience. Your customers know that you are selling something, but at this point, you should start building a harmonious relationship with them. That is one way that you can get them to trust your brand and eventually pledge their

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waste management facility with worker

Roseate Future Awaits Waste Industry Professionals

The waste industry is relatively new compared to the many traditional industries that contribute to every nation’s economy. Yet the past few decades of growth is not only a testament to finding more sustainable ways of managing waste but initially a response to an increasingly worrying trend in waste production and disposal. However challenging the

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heating and cooling system

Lowering Energy Expenditures Through Efficient Heating and Cooling

A well-managed and efficient heating and cooling system can help residents reduce their carbon footprint while saving plenty of money on utility bills. Eco-friendly homeowners can rely on home upgrades, and heat pumps to maintain insulation and manage interior temperature wisely. Heating and cooling represent the biggest source of energy expenditures in a home. Much

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solar panel

The Largest Solar Farms in the World

The use of photovoltaic solar energy is the fastest growing sustainable energy source in the world. Some of the largest solar energy farms producing solar power for public consumption are located in China, the U.S., and India. The growth is coming fast, especially in the deserts of Asia and the Middle East. To give you

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